This web, like most Internet sites, uses cookies to improve and optimize the user experience. Below, you will find detailed information about what «cookies» are, what type this web uses and how you can accept, configure, or reject their use. You can check and configure cookies by accessing «Cookie settings». 

1. ¿Qué son las cookies?

This website uses a technology called «cookie». A cookie is a type of file or device that is downloaded into a user’s terminal when is accessing certain websites to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is carried out from equipment by the entity responsible for their installation. Next, we explain what cookies we install, how to find cookies on your device, and how to change your privacy settings to limit the use of cookies. Please note that restricting the use of cookies may affect navigation and may make this and other Levin’s owner sites accessed through it and that it shared the same Policy inaccessible to you. 

According to the Spanish regulations that rule the cookies used in the electronic communications services, contained to Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, which entered into force on April 1, 2012, the companies and organizations that maintain websites in Spain, must inform users about cookies used on their websites and the reason for their use, and must obtain users’ consent to use and install certain cookies on user devices. 

You can find more information on the Law on Information Society Services (LSSI), Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, also the Guide on the use of cookies on the website of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection ( 

This website requires several cookies to function correctly and may already have been installed. Other cookies, generally analytical cookies, require your consent before we can install them on your device. By giving your permission, you agree us to store these cookies on your device for one year. 

2. What types of cookies does this website use?

Depending on the purpose of the cookie:

Technical Cookies: They are those that allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform, or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it, including those that the editor uses to allow the management and operation of the page. web and enable its functions and services.

Analysis or Measurement Cookies: These are those that allow the person responsible for them to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the users of the websites to which they are linked, including the quantification of the impacts of the advertisements. The information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of the websites, applications, or platforms, to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the usage data made by the users of the service.

Cookie Information: 

Cookie Cookie holders  Duration  Description 
_ga 2 years Used to distinguish users 
_gid 1 year Used to distinguish users 
_gat_gtag_UA_168235173_1 1 minute It is used to limit the percentage of requests. If you have implemented Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be called _dc_gtm_. 

Behavioural Advertising Cookies: those that store information on the behaviour of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on it.

Cookie Cookie holders  Duration Description
NID 6  months The «NID» cookie contains a unique ID that Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language, the number of search results you want to show per page (for example, 10 or 20), and if you want Google Safe Search filter is on or off. 
ANID 1 year These cookies have an advertising purpose for the Google Adwords service. They contain a unique randomly generated value that enables the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices. This information is used to measure the performance of the ads and provide recommendations regarding products based on statistical data. 
DV 1 hour This cookie is generated in order to show the user advertising according to the preferences of their active session. This cookie is generated in order to show the user advertising according to the preferences of their active session. 
1P_JAR 1 month A cookie that transfers data to Google to make advertising more attractive. 
CONSENT 20 years This cookie allows you to customize how ads are seen outside of Google or store information such as the preferred language when displaying search results.
IDE (google) 1 month This cookie is used to measure audiences and customer preferences. 
RUL (google) 1 year Used by DoubleClick to determine if website advertising has been displayed correctly. This is to make your marketing efforts more efficient. 
vuid, _derived_epik, _fbp, _uetvid, _ga, _gcl_au, _pin_unauth, _abexps, afUserId, _gid, _uetsid Several We can embed videos on our website from our official Vimeo account. These cookies track information about how the Vimeo Service is used. 

Cookies used by Social Networks 

On this Website, we use social media widgets such as Instagram®, Twitter ® or Linkedin ®. If you click with the mouse on the icon of this social network, you can access our social profiles and access the information we share. These add-ons store and access cookies on the user´s terminal equipment and allow the social network to identify its members while interacting with the add-ons. We cannot control the settings of third-party cookies, so we suggest that you check the websites of those third parties to obtain more information about their cookies and how to manage them. 

Instagram cookie policy
Twitter cookie policy 
Linkedin cookie policy 

Depending on their duration, cookies can be: 

Session: Those that are designed to collect and to store data while the user accesses a Web page. These cookies are not stored in the user’s terminal when the session expires and the browser closes.

Persistent: They are those in which the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

Depending on the entity that manages them: 

Owned cookies: Those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by an editor and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

Third-party cookies: Those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

How can I manage my consent on the use of cookies?

We inform you that we will only use cookies on your computer if you have given your consent through the access banner and the settings enabled through the Settings Panel. 

We provide access to this Cookie Policy when you start browsing our website, as well as during the registration process in it if you so decide with the aim that the user is informed, and without prejudice to the fact that it You can exercise your right to block, delete and reject the use of cookies at any time. 

You can manage your consents in relation to the cookies used by this Website, through the following link: «Cookie settings». 

3. How can I delete or deactivate cookies?

We inform you that, since cookies are not necessary for the use of our website, you can modify them or revoke your consent at any time by configuring the options in the Settings Panel. You have permanent access to the Configuration Panel through the link at the beginning of this Cookies Policy. 

However, even though we will keep the selection made for a maximum of 24 months, we will periodically request the update of your consent. Likewise, if after obtaining your consent there is a change in the cookies, in the purposes of their use or in the third parties, we will request your consent again. 

You can allow, block, or delete the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer. 






Safari for iOs 

Chrome for Android 

4. Personal data protection

We inform you that some cookies may entail the processing of personal data, that is, when the user is identified by a name or email address that identifies him (for example, because he is a registered user), through the IP address or when unique identifiers are used to distinguish some users from others and carry out individualized monitoring of them (for example, advertising ID). To know the treatment of personal data, consult our Privacy Policy. 

5. What is the validity of this Policy?

This Cookies Policy may be modified when required by current legislation at any time or when there is any variation in the type of cookies used. 

Last update: February 4, 2021.

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